My Skin Buddy

My Skin Buddy

I have been using MSB for over 3 months now and I LOVE IT! At first I wasn’t sure if I was using it correctly and using the right products; which is all important to know when you get your MSB! I cant begin to tell you about the amazing results I have already received! My two wants for my skin is that I want to see improvement on my redness and wrinkles and so far I can see results where MSB is helping those factors.

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I was so thankful for Bri helping me figure out how to use the device and what products to use and when. So far Bri is the only on in Nashville/Franklin that is selling My Skin Buddy! She was telling me that it’s basically a facial, light therapy, anti-aging, and much more all in one. I was so ready to get rid of my Clarisonic because my skin is super sensitive and the brush really doesn’t help my redness or dry skin. However, MSB has totally changed my skin care routine for the better! It comes in a beautiful box with a great instruction packet. It was beautifully packaged! 


Week One

My Skin Buddy

You can do as little or as much with this device. Here is what MSB provides:

1.  LED Light Therapy

The beneficial wavelengths of Light Emitting Diode Therapy have been proven and shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight bacteria that leads to acne, reduce redness and promote brightening and even skin tone.

2.  Ion Care

Gently, yet effectively, positively-charged ions work to attract and pull impurities from the skin while negatively-charged ions enhance product penetration.  

3.  Ultrasonic Vibration

The power of 8000+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute, the user is able to enjoy a soothing mini massage while breaking up dead skin skills, lifting, firming and tightening the skin.

4.  Thermal Heat Therapy

The combination of heat with the deep cleansing ions aids in emulsifying dirt and oil so that it can easily be swept away. Thermal heat therapy has also been shown to improve with skin tightening, promoting more oxygen to the cells by improving blood circulation and shrinking pore size.


Week 2

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Week 3


All of these are amazing technologies for a skin care device…but now how do you get all of this while doing your skin care routine? I went to the MYSKINBUDDY website and here are the exact steps and results you receive as you use your MSB.

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What are MYSKINBUDDY’s Six Ready-to-Go Settings? 

Setting #1.    Deep Cleanse and Exfoliation Mode. 


This setting lets you experience a gentle yet deep and squeaky clean through ion care while thermal heat therapy, ultrasonic vibrations, and red LED light therapy help break up dead skin cells and promote more oxygen in your skin for an immediately brighter, smoother, and tighter complexion.

Setting #2.    Acne Care. 


Whether you have cystic, mild or hormonal acne issues, this setting should be in your routine. Blue LED light therapy has been clinically proven to kill p. Acnes bacteria that leads to acne formation. This mode also uses ultrasonic vibration and ions to help push your acne products deeper into the skin and break up dead skin cells that may be trapping oils.

Setting #3.    Calming and Brightening.


This setting is wonderful for individuals who suffer from hyperpigmentation and redness. Green LED light therapy has been shown to help fade dark spots, brighten skin, and reduce redness. Take advantage of the added ions and ultrasonic vibrations in this mode as well, and use a lightening product suggested for your skin type and speed up the results.

Setting #4.    Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-aging. 

Take your serum and moisturizer to the next level with this setting. The combination of a red LED light therapy, ultrasonic vibrations, and ions will deeply infuse your skin care into the dermal layers for optimal nourishment. Pay attention to how plump and radiant your skin will feel and look after the first treatment and see long-lasting results with continued use.

Setting #5.    Multi-symptom Therapy. 

Most people have more than one skin issue. Do you have wrinkles, dark spots, and acne? No worries, we’ve got you! Use this setting that offers all three lights plus product infusion via ultrasonic vibration and ions.

Setting #6.    Photosensitive and Ingredient Infusion. 

Not in the mood for a disco of lights tonight? Try this setting that offers a light-free option with ultrasonic vibration and ions to help you infuse your serum and moisturizers.



 I am so amazed at all my MSB could do! After I do my steps I truly feel and look like I just got finished with a facial. I love heat therapy so definitely while cleansing my face it feels so good! I love that I don’t have to touch my face with my hands but that MSB does all the work for me. The other benefit of MSB is that it’s light weight, fits easily in the palm of my hand, and charges with a USB cord. The MSB is NOT waterproof so you don’t want to wash your face in the shower with it. It also had 2 plastic covers, one for protecting the metal piece, and the other is for putting a cotton round/square to take your make-up off or applying with your toner. I also love that is has a holder that it sits in.

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I used to dread washing my face and doing the whole routine, but now I really enjoy it because MSB really helps my feel like my face is getting all the benefits it needs. The LED light therapy has totally rocked my world!!!!!! I also use alcohol prep pads to clean my MSB between steps. I really cant stop telling everyone about how much I love that I can do everything with ONE device!

Go ahead and take the plunge and see your skin care world change with a push of a button…I DARE YOU! For more information and videos:

How to use MSB

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