LED Light Therapy utilizing the Celluma panel stimulates wavelengths that are scienticifically proven to stimulate fibroblast to increase collagen and elastin to create a healthy vibrant glow. The Celluma panel destroy’s existing bacteria while also preventing new bacteria from occurring. This treatment is also productive for arthritis, joint pain and stiffness because of the production of new energy within the cells because of the increase of circulation, tissue repair and decreased inflammation and pain.

Light Peel | $95

The Light Peel is a lactic acid peel. This is great for beginners or dry + sensitive skin. Lactic acid is non-irritating, balances skin pH, restores moisture balance + enhances product penetration. Did you know? Lactic acid enhances the immune system and is the main mediator in the skin!

ThermoClear | $149

The ThermoClear treats surface imperfections like cherry angiomas, milia, broken capillaries, skin tags, and warts. It is also very effective for fibromas, actinic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia and brown spots. The treatment is provided in 15 minute blocks, consult with your skincare therapist regarding service details.

IPL Photofacial | $345

Photo-rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses intended pulse light (IPL) to treat skin conditions and remove sun damage effects like brown spots, wrinkles, and redness. It will enhance the overall tone + texture and stimulate collagen for pore refinement. The IPL treatment creates controlled wounds on the skin initiating the healing response. The process is 4-6 days and the end results is desirable.

Redness Relief Trifecta | $299

Roses are red, and your skin is too! Oh no, we so got you!

The redness relief trifecta = 3 Steps

1. HydraPeel Facial Treatment
2. ThermoClear
3. LED Light Therapy (Celluma)

ZO Skin Health Normalizing Protocol (sold separately).

The redness relief trifecta treatment consist of:

The HydraPeel™ Multi Technology Platform uses nutritious serum infused hydradermabrasion. HydraPeel combines the natural healing powers of water, oxygen, and specialized super serums to effortlessly: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate, Infuse + Protect creating the instant gratifying glow!

ThermoClear to eliminate broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, or milia produced from Rosacea.

Then, we follow with the Celluma light panel device because it offers specific wavelengths to reduce the appearance of redness + calms and soothes inflamed skin.

The Redness Relief Trifecta will eliminate, calm and soothe your redness + the ZO Skin Normalizing Protocol (sold separately) will rebuild your lipid barrier + balances your PH, so you will feel confident and gorgeous in your own skin again!!

Rosacea Redness Relief | $499

This is a 5 Step Advanced Treatment to eliminate unwanted broken capillaries and redness! We will create calm, balanced and hydrated skin. The results will restore your natural radiant beauty to make you feel beautiful!

1. Exfoliate = Enzyme Peel
2. Eliminate = IPL Photofacial
3. Revitalize = Celluma LED Light Panel
4. Restore = Oxyjet Infusion
5. Protect – Oxygenetix Post Procedure Foundation