Sensitive Skin

The Signature Facial | $145

This facial offers three benefits: RELAX + RESULTS + CONFIDENCE.

The perfect start; the Aesthetic Abundance Signature Facial is a customized service utilizing medical grade skin care and includes chemical or mechanical exfoliation + extractions. You will select a mask that is ideal for your skin, be offered a complimentary hand or foot massage. Then we will follow with a face + neck massage, concluding with warm towels, serum and SPF. The feeling of pure bliss + we’re happy to include a prescribed skin regimen; the vital piece to maintaining healthy gorgeous skin!

LED Light Therapy | $95

LED Light Therapy utilizing the Celluma panel stimulates wavelengths that are scienticifically proven to stimulate fibroblast to increase collagen and elastin to create a healthy vibrant glow. The Celluma panel destroy’s existing bacteria while also preventing new bacteria from occurring. This treatment is also productive for arthritis, joint pain and stiffness because of the production of new energy within the cells because of the increase of circulation, tissue repair and decreased inflammation and pain.

Microdermabrasion | $135

Three words: Exfoliate + Stimulate + Improve! We use mechanical exfoliation with either diamond tip or crystals includes a customized masque to enhance the soft supple feel! Results = high shine & no downtime!

Rezenerate | $149

Rezenerate = science + beauty! Rezenerate is a tool that utilizes breakthrough nano-technology to speed up the process of product penetration. If you have blemishes, fine line, uneven skin tone the Rezenerate will give you the immediate results you desire. If you want to change your face and enhance your beauty then Rezenerate wins 1st place!

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Oxyjet Infusion Therapy | $195

This is the perfect 3 in 1 treatment for aging skin because as we age oxygen levels in our skin cells decrease. The dual capability of this device includes oxygen infusion plus a customized serum that includes copper peptides, hydrating peptides and growth factors. We begin with a mechanical + chemical peel exfoliation, infuse the oxygen and customized serum, then follow with LED light therapy.

HydraPeel | $249

The HydraPeel™ Multi Technology Platform uses nutritious serum infused hydradermabrasion. HydraPeel combines the natural healing powers of water, oxygen, and specialized super serums to effortlessly: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate, Infuse + Protect! Your supercharged skin results in better circulation, increased cell renewal, sanitizes surface bacteria allowing the skin to glow and heal from any break outs, bruising, or redness. Simply divine!